Saturday, October 31, 2009

Deforestation in Georgia

Brown, Robbie. "Atlanta's Tree Lovers See Victory For Developers in Arborists Firing". The New York Times. 28 Oct 2009.

This article by The New York Times is about the firing of the senior botanist in Atlanta, a city that has seen itself go from a lush area to one controlled by highways and roads. The Times writes how this firing has left a community up in arms, as they see Tom Coffin as someone who can lead them out of this self destructive path they are heading down. The state of Georgia has let companies come in over the years and extract large amount of trees from the land in exchange for building concrete monstrosities, and unnecessary highways. Environmentalists figure that the Atlanta area loses fifty acres of greenery per day. Atlanta was named the worst city for urban sprawl, and it makes Phoenix look like a rainforest( alright that was a bit of an exaggeration), but they effects have gotten to the point that they may be irreversible. This text was printed recently and is still a popular topic in Georgia, but I found it to be more bias then informative.

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